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    Jiangsu Yaret Factory

    Jiangsu Yaret Factory

    Yaret Shanghai Headquarters

    Yaret Shanghai Headquarters

    01 02 03 04

    Jiangsu Yaret Technology Industrial Park Co., Ltd is a large modern manufacturing enterprise invested by Yaret Industrial Group Co., Ltd to produce aluminum composite panels, solid aluminum panels, and aluminum honeycomb panels as its main products. The company is located in Suqian Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jiangsu Province, covering an area of 306,000 square meters, with a building area of 190,000 square meters...

    About Our Color Chips

    • JM-001 Mirror Silver

    • LS-001 Brushed Silver

    • LS-002 Brushed Gold

    • WD-001

    • WD-002

    • YT-001 Bright Silver

    • YT-002 Metallic Silver

    • YT-003 Champagne Gold

    • YT-004 Jade Green Silver

    • YT-005 Bright Gold

    • YT-006 Copper

    • YT-007 Pure White

    • YT-008 Beige White

    • YT-009 Ivory White

    • YT-010 China Red

    • YT-011 Dark Red

    • YT-012 Orange

    • YT-013 Light Blue

    • YT-014 Dark Blue

    • YT-015 Sea Blue

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